Facials are not pointless

Have you ever told your co-workers, friends or family that you’ve got an appointment for a facial? Did you notice some of them raising their brows, or rolling their eyes? Many people see facials as ineffective or something only those with extra cash or those that want some pampering do. Yes it’s true that facials are relaxing and can even feel indulgent, however, the fact is that they’re an important part of a good skincare regimen.

With that being said don’t start thinking a great facial can “cure” anything, a facial is more of a preventive measure. Facials will help get your skin into “shape” over time, however your aesthetician can not do it all, you must do your part with good homecare in between your appointments. It’s never to late to start taking care of your skin. We aren’t telling you that we have some time machine in a bottle, however getting regular facials help you take care of what skin you do have. Regular facials consists of an appointment every four to six weeks. Regular facials will help preserve your skin by preventing further damage, minimize the appearance of the past damages, improve skin cell function and more.

Facials have great effects as well. When your aesthetician massages your face, blood flow and oxygenation increase, which helps drain and remove toxins. Must I mention how relaxing the massage is? You and your aesthetician will develop a strategy for you skin, which will make your skin look and feel good.

So the next time someone rolls their eyes, or tells you a facial is pointless, educate them! Oh, and in 10 years when you see them again and you look amazing- just smile, wave and walk on with your glowing, beautiful, youthful skin!!


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