What’s causing those bags under your eyes?

Ever looked in the mirror and saw the consequences after not getting enough sleep the night before? The skin under your eyes is very delicate and can appear puffy and you may see different colors such as dark blue or brown encasing the entire eye socket. Sometimes rehydrating yourself and getting some sleep will fix the problem, however, for some of us- this is a constant battle!

So what causes the dark circles and puffiness under your eyes? There are many reasons for this however, this is our top 3.

  1. Don’t shoot the messenger- but AGE is a big factor! Why? The older we get the thinner our skin becomes. So why does this matter? With thinner skin, your blood vessels are more visible, giving you the dark blue or brown color.
  2. Salt/ Salty Foods! I’m killing you I know, but it’s the truth! What you put in your mouth can affect the way you look! Too much salt can cause puffiness around your eyes as well as your waist. I was once told “where salt goes water goes” well, it must be true! Too much salt causes your body to retain water, which eventually shows up in your face. 
  3. Ok, ok here is the third one (don’t hate me) but- sleeping on your side! I am guilty of this, I can’t help it! How does sleeping on your side effect dark circles or puffiness around your eyes? Sleeping on your side or on your stomach really causes fluid to pool in your face, especially around the eyes. If you are waking up in the morning with that “pillow face” look, try sleeping on your back to see I that helps  

Yes, we can help! Realm Spa & Cosmetics offers our clients  professional eye treatment that are specifically designed to revitalize the skin around your eyes to improve dark circles, puffiness, and even fine lines!






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