So, What about ProActive?

I’m sure you have all heard the famous quotes from Proactive! “60 day money back guarantee, one of a kind, target approach” blah blah blah! Now I’m going to give you my opinion (I am entitled to that right?)

First, did you know that Proactive was developed by two dermatologist with the names of Katie Roden and Kathy Fields- hmmmm sound familiar? And was launched by Guthy-Runker in 1995. And today they are a household name for acne treatment. I mean after all they are endorsed by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Kendall Jenner, Puff Daddy and the list goes on. According to Proactive became the go-to MEGA money endorsement deal (meaning they were paid big to endorse Proactive).

In 2017 Proactive sales were approx. 1.5 BILLION – so it must really work right? You should trust them right?

UH- NO- NOPE- NADA- NO NO NO! they just have AMAZING marketers!

So if this product is so amazing why then do I see 2.7 stars out of 7244 reviews on With comments like :

* I’m so embarrassed and school starts in less than a week. My acne has never been this abundant, painful, and large and I have no idea how to treat it – (girlwithbadacne)

* worst choice I EVER made (catherinethetwilight)

and the list goes on and on. Don’t believe me? read for yourself:

So why do their sales keep increasing? I am so confused. I don’t get it. The only thing I can attribute it to is desperation and lack of knowledge.

Proactive’s trademarked ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide, which does kill bacteria, however if this ingredient is used repeatedly it will severely strip your skin of its natural protective layer known as your acid mantel, leaving you with red, fragile, irritated and swollen skin. Here are a list of some of the other ingredients found in Proactive: Methylparaben: breast cancer, male infertility, skin and eye damage, carcinogen. Propylene Glycol: skin irritant, allergic reactions, potentially toxic to the kidneys and liver, neurological symptoms, cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues.

So after reading this do you think Katie Roden or Kathy Fields give two cents about your skin? NO! So now that you know the rest of the story, what are you going to be doing with your Proactive? Hint- it is great at removing self tanner!

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